Online Game With Crypto Rewards

Players will collect, breed, and battle their pupils – utilized and transferrable between all of our games.

As users bring their pupils into battle, they gain experience that is tethered to their individual NFTs – which means the more you use them, the more powerful they become.

As Pupils level up, they are able to equip more powerful weapons, use stronger potions – and most importantly – do more damage! The most powerful pupils are high-level Legendaries, who have access to the most powerful abilities.

Rarities currently include Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. These rarities are increasingly powerful, and increasingly harder to find.

Upon hatching – users roll dice to determine their Pupil’s Attack and Defense stats for battle. The formulae are as follows:


Common: Roll one 3-sided die (Minimum 1, Maximum 3)

Rare: Roll one 3-sided die +1 (Minimum 2, Maximum 4)

Epic: Roll two 3-sided Dice +2 (Minimum 4, Maximum 8)

Legendary: Roll three 3-sided dice +2 (Minimum 5, Maximum 14)

Total Pupil count will be constantly expanding, but will be introduced in “Generations”.
First generation will be broken down like this:

Common: 50 (~15%) – 3 mints of each

Rare: 66 (~20%) – 2 mints of each

Epic: 116 (~35%) – 1 mint of each

Legendary: 101 (~30%) – 1 mint of each
Total First Gen: 333

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