Players will be able to breed their Pupils on their Ranch.

Once players have acquired a land NFT, they are immediately able to begin building their Ranch.

Users will need to craft some Pupil housing in order to utilize it – but once built, holding 2 pupils will allow you to breed your pupils - who lay a small NucliEgg every week.

Players can increase their Ranch’s capacity by building upgrades to their Pupil housing – like Coops, Barns, etc. – but players are limited to 1 active housing for the time being.

Each egg is designated a size – which corresponds to rarity. Sizes are as follows:

Small NucliEgg – Hatches Common Pupil

Medium NucliEgg – Hatches Rare Pupil

Large NucliEgg – Hatches Epic Pupil

Extra Large NucliEgg – Hatches Legendary Pupil

Players can Trade - In their NucliEggs as follows:

6 x Small NucliEgg = 1 Medium NucliEgg

4 x Medium NucliEgg = 1 Large NucliEgg

4 x Large NucliEgg = 1 Extra Large NucliEgg

96 Small NucliEggs = 1 Extra Large NucliEgg

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