About NucliEyes

Online P2E Metaverse Game


NucliEyes is bringing about a new age in gaming. The proton blockchain allows feeless transactions – opening up HUGE potential for P2E – since minting NFTs costs nothing but RAM.

Through web3 technology – We are able to bring in-game assets directly to your wallet. Through this system – it allows for players to spend time in-game for REAL rewards – that you can HODL, trade, sell, craft – for other REAL assets.

Our goal is to fund and build an expanding game-verse through NFTs. Here, players won’t have to own 10 different games to have 10 different experiences. Players can find it all in one place – for a fraction of the cost!

We imagine a place where players will gather their pupils, and venture out into the world to slay monsters, collect loot – and battle pvp in mini games and tournaments!

When you are done adventuring, you can build your ranch, breed pupils, and craft gear for your little minions.

When you are done on the farm – you can head to town and explore the cities throughout the different lands – visit shops and complete quests for the citizens. The possibilities are endless – and we are excited to be building this, with your support.

There is always something new going on in the Nucliverse, so keep your Eyes peeled for new developments and BIG things to come!